The Truth About Muscle Building

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Posted on Friday 29 July 2011

When I first joined the gym I met a lot of guys who were really into weight training. They would talk a lot about what amino acid supplements they take and they would constantly be adding protein powder to their drinks.

I started to feel a bit of an outsider, like if I didn't take supplements I would start lagging behind. However I decided against it, and I'm glad I did. Now I have much more muscles than a lot of the people I met at the gym.

They have over done the supplements and they are putting it on as fat. My diet and exercise has resulted in lean muscle and superior strength.

The truth is supplements are ok but not absolutely necessary. Diet can provide you with all the protein you need. If you do want to take supplements ask yourself why?

Is it because you want to take a short cut? If so then your attitude isn't right. However, if you are exercising enough then the right supplements can be beneficial but don't feel they are the only way to go.

The next common misconception is - the more you do the more you'll gain. Not true! It is perfectly possible to over train and many people do it. You need to allow yourself rest time so that your muscles can grow, allowing you to increase your strength for the next work out.

Only ever do up to 12 repetitions and no more if you want to bulk up. You should be working out between 3 to 4 times a week. First, do resistance training and finish the session with some cardio.

Finally attitude is key to building muscle. You need an enthusiastic, driven approach. Drawing up a diet plan and a goal plan is a good idea. These keep you focused and keep you from straying off track.

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