How to Build your Body Muscles

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Posted on Friday 5 August 2011

So you've opened a magazine and seen a routine you can do to build muscle. The best advice I can give you is not to bother. The body building beefcakes that write them are training at a much higher level than beginners. When you start out weight training it is important not to do too much. 

The average person needs a program that helps build muscle fast but prevents physical & mental overtraining which results from diving in headfirst.

Free Weights Beat Machines

You can lift the heaviest weights using barbells so you don't need machines. Dumbbells are great for other exercises and are easy to get hold of to use at home.

Free weights beat machines because they allow for natural movements and don't constrain you (which can cause injury). They are also much more versatile than machines and can be used for many exercises.

Next you want to concentrate on overall strength by doing compound exercises. Doing specific exercises is great when you have built up overall strength and mass.

So the best ones to start off with for a full body workout are squats, press ups, bench press, pull ups, deadlifts and dips. You want to be doing just these kinds of exercises until you start introducing others.

The other things to mention are diet and rest. They may seem obvious but they are key to maximizing results (see Best Nutrition for Building Muscle).

Your diet needs to be healthy and rich in protein. Eat a hell of a lot of calories and eat them often. Also, make sure you get enough rest and sleep, your body needs that time to build that all important muscle.

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