How Fast Can You Build Muscle?

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Posted on Tuesday 2 August 2011

So you've seen supplements that promise ten pounds of muscle gain in a week and you're wondering whether it's true. Well let me tell you now – it isn't.

Muscle building is completely different for each person and there is no way of saying exactly how much muscle you can gain from one method.

That rate at which you can build muscle depends on many different things. Firstly there is your build, genetics, age, diet and your training program. Some people will always find it harder to gain muscle because their metabolism is faster but everyone has to put in effort to see results.

There aren't any supplements out there that can magically turn you into beast over night, despite what you might have been told.

Unfortunately for ectomorphs out there (or skinny guys) gaining muscle will be 5 times slower than for the naturally athletic mesomorphs. In perfect circumstances, the average male can build between 1 and 2 pounds of muscle per week.

If you don't believe me then maybe the mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger will convince you. He wrote in his autobiography how delighted he was to have gained 25 pounds of weight (not even muscle) in a year and that it was the biggest change he'd ever made in a single year.

That is only a 2 pound gain a month. So has that put it into perspective? If you want to gain muscle you're going to have to change your lifestyle and be committed. There is no fast track or secret method that can beat following a good diet and exercise regime.

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