Can Skinny People Build Muscle?

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Posted on Tuesday 5 July 2011

You've probably noticed those large, muscular guys down the gym. What's their secret? Can anyone get that look or is it exclusive to the "genetically gifted"?

It is partly genetics. But only to the point where genetics makes it easier for certain people. However, being at a genetic advantage (or to put it another way - being able to put on weight more easily) does have its disadvantages too.

Guys that can naturally put on weight easily will probably find it difficult to lose fat. Whereas skinny guys that struggle to put on weight will burn fat very easily.

However, one fact remains: both body types can build muscle.

Love your body type

If you're a skinny guy - the larger guys are jealous of you. Why? Because you can get away with eating a burger, chips, chocolate, snacks etc without it affecting your weight. You get to enjoy these "guilty" foods.

Whereas guys that put on weight easily have to stay away from these snacks because it'll be turned into fat almost immediately. Bigger guys will have to include more CV in their routine if they want to stay lean.

Skinny guys on the other hand - don't have to work hard at losing the fat. You know that ripped look? That look when your shirt comes off - washboard abs, hard, toned and defined pecks, biceps perfectly curved, shoulders that look more like body armour!

That's the look that skinny guys are almost guaranteed to get. It's that cover model look which most men would give their left arm for!

So can skinny people build muscle or not?!

Ok, ok I'm waffling on a bit here. The simple answer is yes. Skinny people can indeed build muscle. But you will have to work much harder than bigger guys.

Skinny guys tend to have a much higher metabolism than bigger guys. This means most foods you eat will be very quickly processed by your body and transferred into energy. Your body will then burn off this energy very fast.

Which is why you're so skinny. Any food you eat is burned off almost immediately. It's a bit like filling a car up with petrol - but your car uses up all the fuel in just a few miles.

I'm a skinny guy, tell me how I can build muscle!

Take in more protein, carbohydrates and fat. Refer to Best Nutrition for Building Muscle and Weekly Diet for Building Muscle for the best nutrients and diet for building muscle.

If you've got a high metabolism (i.e. you're naturally very skinny) you can get away with eating much more food than other guys. Protein shakes (refer to Good Protein Shakes to Build Muscle) will help you take in more protein if you're not hungry, don't have time to eat or you're simply struggling to eat enough.

Finally, once you've got your diet right - you're eating enough nutrients to allow your muscles to grow - it's time to get a good muscle workout. Refer to Home Workout Routines to Build Muscle for a proven workout that will build muscle.

If you get stuck with anything, leave your comments below. I read and reply to them all.

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